Friday, May 9, 2014

Ticket! Ticket! Who Wants a Ticket? We are a Raffling!

See this BEAUTIFUL yarn bowl?
Do you want it to become yours?

Come join us at the 24HCC and the chances of it coming home with you to live go up! For every hour you craft we give you a ticket! More hours and your odds get ever better. 
3:00 on Sunday will pull the name of the lucky winner.
Will it be YOU?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

All Sorts of Tidbits and Information for the Event!

THREE DAYS until we knit, sew and crochet our little fingers off for 24 HOURS!  

With this in mind I thought I would post a few odds and end for those who are participating:

REGISTRATION: Have you registered yet?  If you haven't, pop that little paper and the fee in the mail today! If you think it won't arrive in time, go ahead and bring it with you when you come to the event. 
Remember, it's $10 for adults and $5 for kids and we won't turn anyone away for lack of funds!  The reg fee collected is going to pay for the costs of our location and any money past that amount will go directly to the Children's Cancer Association.

PLEDGE FORMS:  Keep getting those pledges!! The CCA recently set up a direct donation website if that makes it easier for your sponsors to donate:

MATERIALS:  We have several bolts of fabric, packages of batting, and skeins of yarn that are available for use. Participants are asked to also bring their own materials. We want to make sure there is enough for everyone! 


Please bring your own sewing machine, knitting needles and crochet hooks!

There is plenty of space to set up your machine around the Overlook House.

DONATE IN HONOR OF A LOVED ONE: We will have tags available for you to fill out and attach to donated items so that you may donate in the name of a loved one.

OVERLOOK HOUSE:  The house is spacious and bright with a main floor and upstairs that we may use. The back yard is a beautiful garden and patio that is all our, too.  We have use of the kitchen and the main floor bathrooms are ADA accessible. The only animals allowed are service animals.

FOOD:  The 24HCC is able to provide snacks and drinks throughout the event. The fridge in the kitchen will be available to store any food you bring. If you are going to be with us for some hours, I suggest packing a meal.


A Donation Page for the Children's Cancer Association!

Drum roll pleaaaaassseee!!!: 

The Children's Cancer Association has created a donation page for the 24 Hour Cancer Craftacular!

   Click HERE to donate directly to the CCA!

All of the participating crafters have access to a pledge form so that they can get hourly or flat rate sponsors as they craft-a-thon their hands off!

 All of the proceeds from the pledges go directly to the Children's Cancer Association to help support the wonderful work they do.

To find out more about the CCA visit their
website !!